In All Things - Leahy

In All Things - Leahy


Now comes album number three - IN ALL THINGS, which stylistically falls somewhere between the traditional sound of their debut and the pop sensibility of LAKEFIELD. Fiery instrumental pieces like "The Wedding Day Jig" and "Clog Medley" feature the group's trademark nimble-fingered fiddle playing alongside contemporary-flavored backdrops of bass, percussion and piano. Several vocal tunes are presented as well.

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Track List: 


  1. Chasing Rain
  2. Little Ditty
  3. High Places
  4. Wedding Day 
  5. Coyote Way
  6. Clog Medley
  7. Pointe Au Pic Medley
  8. Runaway 
  9. I Want You To Know
  10. Gzowski Medley