Introduction to Shoe Ordering


When ordering shoes for the first time it is highly recommended to either email (pdf), fax, or mail us a tracing of your foot. All shoes are imported from Scotland, and there is no true guide saying that if you wear an American 6, you will take a UK 3. There are many factors involved such as shape of foot, width, toe line, and shoe brand. In addition, each shoe brand is sized differently, so be careful on what size you order when changing styles.

When tracing your foot be sure to stand with full weight and trace a true outline. Do not tilt pen at an angle. Keep straight up and down. This allows us to see where the leather will stretch to form your foot. 

If faxing or emailing, BE SURE TO WRITE THE LENGTH AND WIDTH on your drawing so we can check for any distortion.  

Click here for an example of a foot tracing

A 1/4" can make a big difference! If you are unable to supply a trace, we can attempt to size your foot using only measurements. Please keep in mind that this is not as accurate as a trace, and neither are full proof. Ordering shoes for the first time can be frustrating and may require a couple of shipments. We will do our very best to help you find the best fit the first time.