Lakefield - Leahy

Lakefield - Leahy


After the release of their debut album in 1998, Leahy (Irish-Canadian octet of fiddling brothers and sisters)was forcefully pulled from the shadows right into the spotlight...literally. The group opened for Shania Twain on a 150 city tour and gained further exposure on PBS. Their music includes elements of country, rock,Eastern European music, Celtic folk, bluegrass and mainstream pop. "Lakefield" is arranged and produced by the band with each track being an original composition.

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Track List:

  • Track 01. Mission
  • Track 02. Seamus
  • Track 03. Down that Road
  • Track 04. DA
  • Track 05. Moment
  • Track 06. Leviathan
  • Track 07. Dont Let me Down
  • Track 08. A love never known
  • Track 09. G Minor Medley
  • Track 10. Borrowed Time
  • Track 11. Stand Up
  • Track 12. The Skater