The Factory - 7 Nations

The Factory - 7 Nations


The Factory is the most diverse cd ever released by this Florida-based Celtic rock quintet. The tunes ont his disc run the gamut of rock, pop, country, celtic, and hip-hop. Composed primarily of original tunes, lead singer Kirk McLeod's expert songwriting and soft vocals deliver an unforgettable punch. The title track, "The Factory Song," is an anthem for the working world with it's raucous guitar and swooping pipes. Don't miss the equally dramatic ballads "Twelve" and "Sweet Orphan" as well as the pub stomping "The Paddy Set." Nothing about this disc is ordinary, but it will quickly become the frequently played and familiar recording in your library. Order two copies...just in case.

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Track List:

  1. The Factory Song                                          5:02
  2. This Season                                                3:26
  3. Soft Gator Girl                                                3:23
  4. The Ballad of Calvin Crozier                          4:15
  5. Twelve                                                             5:10
  6. The Paddy Set                                                2:23
  7. NOT (I Want My People Back)                       4:10
  8. Heroes In Tennis Shoes                                  4:01
  9. Sweet Orphan                                                4:16
  10. Mother Mary                                                   4:16
  11. Daze of Grace                                                 6:13
  12. This Season Reprise                                       6:34