Pictou Sessions - Seven Nations

Pictou Sessions - Seven Nations


Recorded over a five day period in Pictou, Nova Scotia, this disc captures the talents of every member of this band. The live studio feel of the recording makes you feel as if you were there. "God" and "Scream" have been stripped down for the acoustic sound, but have lost none of their original textures. The singalong of "All You People," which was co-written by Aidan McGovern, is a hand-clapping, toe-tapping choral fusion. The beautiful piano solos of "Skyezinha / The Egret" bring all that energy a quiet place to rest just before launching into the pub song "A Rare Auld Time." This seventh independent recording by Seven Nations is dedicated to everyone who has supported the band from the beginning and shows the promise of the fine musicianship that blends together so well as a glimpse of what's to come.

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Track List:

  1. The King of Oblivion

  2. Seeds of Life

  3. Fiddle Set

  4. Scream

  5. The Surprise Ceilidh Band Set

  6. God

  7. O'er the Moor and Among the Heather

  8. All You People

  9. Skyezinha / The Egret

  10. A Rare Auld Time

  11. Pipe Set

  12. Trains