Road of Tears - Battlefield Band

Road of Tears - Battlefield Band


The subject of Immigration has inspired much great and moving music and words and highlighted on this album are experiences from Scotland, Ireland, the Americas and Australia, plus a setting by Alan Reid of Robbie Burns popular poem 'To A Mouse', as well as a couple of bonus songs from previous albums. 17 tracks - 70 mins:

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Track List:

1. The Road Of Tears

2. Ely Parker / Miss Martin's Wedding / The Primrose Lassies / Mr Galloway Goes To Washington  

3. The Emigrant

4. The Highlander's Farewell To Ireland / Farewell To Ireland / Put Me In The Big Chest

5. The Slaves Lament

6. The Moleskin Kilt / The Empty Glen

7. Out In Australia At Last

8. The Patagonia Islanders / The Low Country Dance / Don Juan McKenna's Jig

9. Haro Strait

10. To A Mouse

11. Take Me To The Sea

12. Plane Wreck At Los Gatos

13. Sweet Molly / The Symmetry / The Boat Leaks

14. I Cried

15. Mary's Dream / The Mountain Dairy Maid / The Nameless Migrant

16. Five Bridges To Cross

17 The Green And The Blue