Cairn Water - Ceolbeg

Cairn Water - Ceolbeg


A mixture of tunes and songs from one of Scotland's top bands with their very own sound. The band consists of the very talented Wendy Stewart (vocals, harp), Peter Boond (flute, whistle, mandola), Cohn Matheson (keyboards, accordion, guitar), Rod Paterson (vocals, guitar), Mike Travis (drums, percussion) and Gary West (pipes, whistles).

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Track List:

1. Cantabrian Jig
2. Shoals Of Herring
3. Cairn Water
4. Working Shifts
5. The Scottish Barnie
6. Eppie Moray
7. Oh, Were I On Parnassus' Hill
8. Drumchorrie
9. Return Of The Bunny
10. To Each And Every One Of You
12. Like Another Rolling Stone