Shimla Hum

Shimla Hum


Highland bagpipes and Shuttlepipes with a South Asia & Scottish flair.
The fusion of cultures makes this CD shockingly hip with ragas, pibrochs and reels. Vocal tracks feature Farid Khan, Jane Siberry, Andy Kwleclan and Leslea Keurrorst Tracks include:
Calm Before the Hum, Shimla Hum, Machrie Moor, Oh Dro! (featuring Jane Siberry), Gerrard Street Hey Ride (featuring Farid Khan), Nameless Number Nine, five Pibroch tracks, and the radio edition of Shimla Hum

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Track List:

1. Calm Before the Hum
2. Shimla Hum
3. Machrie Moor
4. Oh Dro! (feat. Jane Siberry) 
5. Pibroch (Part 1) 
6. Pibroch (Part 2) 
7. Pibroch (Part 3) 
8. Pibroch (Part 4) 
9. Pibroch (Part 5) 
10. Gerard Street Hey Ride (feat. Farid Khan) 
11. Nameless Number Nine
12. Shimla Hun (Radio Edit)