Slainte Mhath

Slainte Mhath


This high-energy group has a unique Celtic sound using a variety of traditional and unusual instruments. Wild jigs, reels and hornpipes, with pipes, fiddle, Cape Breton-style piano and percussion. High Energy.

Musicians include:
Lisa Gallant (bodhran, fiddle and step-dancing), Boyd MacNeil (octave mandolin, fiddle, banjo and percussion), Ryan MacNeil (keyboards and percussion), Brian Talbot (drums and percussion) and John MacPhee (Highland bagpipes, Scottish small pipes and Reel pipes)

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Track List:


Brucie and The Troopers * Prophecy * Jug Jammin’ * Blast O’ Tunes * Si Bheag, Si Mhor * Jenga Stick * Big Jigs * The Last One * Congress.