Bothy Culture - Martyn Bennett

Bothy Culture - Martyn Bennett


Album Notes
Solo performer: Martyn Bennett.Thanks to Scottish acts like Peatbog Faeries, Shooglenifty and Tartan Amoebas along with the Afro Celt Sound System a new sub-category of music was brought to the forefront; electro-ethnic-worldbeat (or something like that) in which South American, Australian, Asian, Jamaican, African and other influences combine with European folk and contemporary music. Classically trained violinist Martyn Bennett has taken this concept one step further. Bothy Culture developed as a result of his time spent in the rave and house scenes of Glasgow in the early '90s and his toying with several forms of world music. Here Bennett draws from the Punjabi, Turkish, Scandinavian and Irish cultures as well as the rave/techno/hip-hop subcultures to create this assiduous hybrid. He plays all of the instruments from violin to the Turkish oud and dudek to the various electronic and programming devices. It's loud, it's unrelenting and it's insurgent. ~ Dave Sleger

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Track List:

1. Tongues of Kali
2. Aye?
3. Shputnik in Glenshiel
4. Hallaig
5. Ud the Doudouk
6. 4 Notes
7. Joik
8. Yer Man From Athlone
9. Waltz For Hector