Blast (Live) - Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Blast (Live) - Red Hot Chilli Pipers


Putting a modern spin on incredible piping and astounding drumming with an emphasis on showing off and putting on a show guaranteed to amaze any audience; The Red Hot Chilli Pipers really are a genuinely unique experience. Red Hot Chilli Pipers are an ensemble consisting of pipers, guitarists, keyboards, and drummers formed in Scotland in 2004.

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Track List:

GRAND ENTRANCE Alzo Sprach Zarathustra
1  Crooked Bridge                                                          4.18
2  Jack and Barney’s Chopsticks - La Boum                 3.26
3  Celtic Bolero                                                              4.31
4  Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple) 
    Thunderstruck (AC/DC) 
    The Fourth Floor                                                       4.07
5  Jazz Badger - The Lochaber Badger                        3.59
6  Clocks (Coldplay)                                                     4.51
7  Pig Jigs - Price of the Pig                                         4.40
8  Hills of Argyll                                                             6.16
9  Highland Cathedral                                                   3.07
10 The Lost 4.15
11 You’re The Voice (John Farnham) 
    Chilli Time                                                                  5.12
12 Sexy Lexy - Lexy MacAskill                                       3.20
13 We Will Rock You (Queen) 
    Eye of Tiger (Survivor) 
    Clumsy Lover                                                             7.41
14 Rory McLeod Molly's Jig, The Famous Baravan      4.01

15 Teardrop (Massive Attack) 
    Brenda Stubberts I’ll Give You Something to Cry For  3.12
16 Little Drummer Boy                                                       3.22