Pipeline - Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake

Pipeline - Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake


These two multi-instrumentalists cover the complete range of sounds from the Celtic world on a wide variety of instruments from bagpipes, whistles and flutes, to bouzoukis, harps and guitars. Dance music and songs, as well as moving airs of Ireland, Scotland and Galician. Guest appearances from Uxia (one of Galicia's finest female singers) & Paddy Kerr (bodhran player).

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Track List:


1   Thirteen Years Keelin’s return

2   Fly on the Windowsill, Nora’s DreamThe Auld FellaJean’s Reel

3   Maria Solina

4   Peacock’s Feather Lucky Lorcan Malin Head The Bold Man’s WifeAdditional Track Information Pipeline CD music

5   Adair’s March Cities Far Away Lament for Derryveagh

6   Trip to Skye The Maid on the GreenThe Plains of Canada

7   Kisses and Kind Eyes

8   PipelineConor Tully’s The Trip to Sardinia

9   Non Te Namores, Nenina Rumba de Carcacia Verde GaioPolka de Vilagarcia