Tainted - Stand Easy

Tainted - Stand Easy


Celtic Rock band led by John McLean Allan featuring world class musicians who have played with The Chieftains, Korn, Joe Cocker, and the LA Scots Pipe Band. Jeff Cullen on highland pipes, whistles and vocals. Ken Lasaine on guitars, Paul Trutner on bass, along with Chris Razze on drums perform 11 tracks of original and traditional songs.

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Track List:

1. Western Thunder/ Braes of Melinish
2. Watch Me
3. Little Cascade
4. You Lose Again
5. I Don't Have to Come Down
6. Mile Marbhaisg air a Ghaol/Traditional Reel(1,000 Curses on Love) 
7. MSR - Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band, Ewe wi' the Crookit Horn John Morrison of Assynt House. 
8. Riding Out the Storm
9. Leaving Lismore / Donald McLeod
10. Mayday
11. Nancy Whiskey