Cheviot Pipe Band Hose

Cheviot Pipe Band Hose


This popular style of kilt hose among pipers are made from a 3ply Merino wool/acrylic blend and feature a fully reinforced foot, Cuffs are designed to be folded over multiple times, making them cuff a bit thicker than standard hose. Fits calves up to 25". 

Special order are available in the following colors: Ancient Blue or Green, Ecru, Charcoal, Mid Grey,  Thistle or Tartan Green.

Small (6-8 US), Medium (8.5-10.5 US), Large (11-13 US), X-Large (Special Order only - 13.5-14.5 US)

(85% merino acrylic blend / 10% nylon / 5% lycra) Machine washable in cool water on the gentle/delicate cycle. Allow to air dry.

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