Not Sadwrn Back (Not Yet Saturday) - Crasdant

Not Sadwrn Back (Not Yet Saturday) - Crasdant


Crasdant is a peppy Welsh group featuring Robin Bowen on triple harp and three other band members on flute whistles, accordion, guitar and step dance. The four-man group performs a full set of airs, jigs, and dance tunes mostly of Welsh origin. All instrumental, traditional and contemporary.

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Track List:

1 Y Crefftwr The Craftsman3:37

2 Tebot Pultague Pultague's Teapot3:59

3 Mympwy Portheinon The Port Eyenon Whim5:14

4 Y Bore Glas The Early Morning4:26

5 Tatws Penfro Pembroke Spuds4:44

6 Jigiau'r Goron The Crown Jigs3:05

7 Y Fwyalchen The Blackbird3:50

8 Polca Eldra Eldra's Polka3:53

9 Nos Galan New Year's Eve2:51

10 Blodau'r Flwyddyn Flowers Of The Seasons2:33

11 Nos Sadwrn Bach Not Yet Saturday4:41