Lisa - Lisa Kelly

Lisa - Lisa Kelly


Dublin-born Lisa Kelly was lead female vocalist in "Riverdance." This album shows off Lisa's gorgeous vocals against a background of gentle Irish instrumentation. The songs are a mix of Celtic standards ("Carrickfergus", "Siuil A Run") and soundtrack hits ("May it Be" from "Lord of the Rings," "Now We Are Free" from "Gladiator")

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Track List:

 1. Siuil A Run

  2. Carrickfergus

  3. Life The Wings (From Riverdance)

  4. The Soft Goodbye

  5. Dubhdarra

  6. Home And The Heartland (From Riverdance)

  7. May It Be (From Lord Of The Rings)

  8. Homecoming

  9. The Deer's Cry (From The Pilgrim)

  10. Send Me A Song

  11. Now We Are Free (From Gladiator)