Harps, Pipes and Fiddles - Various Artists

Harps, Pipes and Fiddles - Various Artists


HARP: Ann Heymann; Alison Kinnaird; Maire Ni Chathasaigh; William Taylor
PIPES: Ged Foley; Duncan MacGillivray; John D. Burgess; Dr. Angus MacDonald; Dougie Pincock & P/M Iain MacDonald; Gordon Mooney and Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band
FIDDLES: Aly Bain; Marie Fielding; Fiddlers Five; Vincent Griffin; John McCusker and Brian McNeill.


'...this does exactly what it says on the box. Here we have a splendid compilation from the Temple stable of artists, which has always been noted for pedigree, providing us with well over an hour of Scottish and Irish music which not only serves as a sampler for the artists, but stands on its own as quality music.'
The Living Tradition

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Track List:

1. Temple Hill Reel/Temple Hill Jigs: Temple Hill Reel / Temple Hill Jig - Ann Heymann
2. Leslie's March - Alison Kinnaird
3. Charles O'Conor/Father Hanly: Charles O'Connor / Father Hanly - M ire N¡ Chathasaigh/Maire Ni Chathasaigh
4. I Long for Thy Virginitie/The Canaries: I Long For Thy Virginitie / The Canaries - Rowallen Consort/The Rowallan   Consort
5. Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (The Lament for Red-Haired - Alison Kinnaird/The Battlefield Band :: Lament For Redhaired Iain - Alison Kinnaird/The Battlefield Band
6. Miss Hamilton - Ann Heymann
7. Blackhall Rocks - Ged Foley/The Battlefield Band
8. Barabel Phadruig/Donald Willie and His Dog/Donald Willie and His Dog: Barabel Phadruig :: Patrick's Annabel / Donald Willie And His Dog / The Price Of The Pig - Dr. Angus Macdonald
9. My Jo/Roxburgh Castle/Braw Lads O'Jethart/Kelso Lasses: John Anderson My Jo / Roxburgh Castle / The Braw Lads O' Jethart - Gordon Mooney/Barbara Mooney John Anderson
10. Nine European Dance Tunes - Dougie Pincock/Douglas Pincock/Iain MacDonald/P/M Iain MacDonald
11. The Friendly Piper/The Black Isle/Abbieville: The Friendly Piper / The Black Isle / Abbieville - Shotts & Dykehead
12. John/John D. Burgess The Swallow-Tailed Coat/Turf Lodge: The Swallowtailed Coat / Turf Lodge - Burgess
13. Tending the Steer/Sandy Thompson/The Calrossie Cattle Wife: Tending The Steer / Sandy Thompson / The Calrossie Cattle Wife - Duncan MacGillivray/The Battlefield Band
14. Chapel Keithack - Alison Kinnaird/Aly Bain
15. The Sidewalk Reels (Cold Frosty Morning/Yankee Dollar/The Trip to ...): Cold Frosty Morning / Yankee Dollar / The Trip To Marblehead - Brian McNeill
16. Bobby/Bag of Plums: Bobby / Bag Of Plums - Ian Carr/John McCusker
17. Murray River/Saratoga/Mary Clare's Reel (Marie Fieldin's Favourites): Murray River Jig / Saratoga / Mary Clare's Reel - Marie Fielding/Jim Johnstone & His Band
18. The Laird O'Brodie/Danzig Willie/The Merchant's Jig: The Laird O' Brodie / Danzig Willie - Alison Kinnaird/The Battlefield Band/Brian McNeill/Battlefield
19. The New Year's in/Youghal Quay: The New Year In / Youghal Quay - Vincent Griffin/Geraldine Carrig
20. William Ritchie Esq/Hugh McKenna's Reel: William Ritchie Esq. / Hugh McKenna's Reel - Fiddlers 5