Celtic Harp Airs & Dance Tunes - Robin Williamson

Celtic Harp Airs & Dance Tunes - Robin Williamson

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Since the days of his Merry Band in the '70s, Robin Williamson has been purposefully exploring the rich musical heritage of the harp. This 1997 set is Williamson alone, presenting performances of 11 traditional tunes. They range from jigs and reels to melodies adapted from the repertoire of the border pipe. The songs originate from Scotland, Wales, and Ireland and are all played on the 34-string Triplett harp. 

Beautifully recorded, the rich depth of the instrument is warmly rendered. The music ranges from frolicsome and celebratory to heartbreakingly mournful (as on "Mwynen Mon"). This is yet another superb offering in the wonderfully diverse catalog Williamson has created since his groundbreaking work with the Incredible String Band in the '60s.

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Track List:  1. Lude's Supper / The Lark In The Morning (05:11) 2. Meggie's Fou (04:13) 3. Mwynen Mon (03:54) 4. The Galway Rambler (02:46) 5. Port Atholl / The Braes Of Tulliemet (05:55) 6. The Rocks Of Pleasure (02:39) 7. The Scholar (03:21) 8. Glan Medd Dod Mwyn (06:51) 9. The Old Frieze Britches (04:32) 10. The Blackbird / The Downfall Of Paris (07:11) 11. Kimias / The Mountain Road (03:24)