The Red Hot Chilli Pipers

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers


Pipers Stuart Cassells, Willie Armstrong, and Kevin MacDonald combine their talents with percussionists Steven Graham and Malcolm McEwan to make this new "red-hot" piping CD! Guest musicians include Stevie Lawrence (bouzouki, percussion, electric & bass guitar); Lorne MacDougall (keyboards, extra pipes); Simon Moran (fiddle); Douglas Miller (piano); and Steven Black (drum).

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Track List:

1. The Crooked Bridge
2. Jack and Barney’s Chopsticks: (La Boum; Jack Daniels Reel; Barney’s Balmoral; Electric Chopsticks)
3. Tag Team Jigs: (Out of the Air; Gingerhops; Atlantic Bridge; Glasgow City)
4. Highland Cathedral: 
5. The Chilli Drummers Fanfare
6. Rees on the Reelpipes: (The Banshee; The Rannee Ceilidh; Lexy MacAskill; McFaddens; Break your Bass Drone)
7. Stuart Cassells (solo): The Terror Time; Fleshmarket Close; The Antrim Rose; The Wisemaid)
8. Snare Drum and Tam Bain’s Lum: (Train Journey North; Tam Bain’s Lum)
9. Lochanside
10. The Famous Baravan: (Rory MacLeod; Molly’s Jig; The Famous Baravan)