Off Kilter - The Rogues

Off Kilter - The Rogues


Upbeat blend of pipes, bones, bodhran, drums, and vocals. Great to listen or dance to.  Bagpipes, acoustic and electronic, driving percussion, keyboards and guitars combined to create the most daring Rogues album to date. Everything from beautiful traditional Breton melodies to original Top 40 and funk and the Rogues' signature bagpipe tunes.

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Track List:

1. Queen of the Lost Scots
2. Jolly George
3. Leprechaun & Butterfly
4. Pipes in Space
5. Miss P.
6. Holy Moly
7. Steven Mitchell
8. Pipe Major-Domo
9. 'Scuse Me?
10. Guinness Dog
11. Plaid Jam
12. The Red Head
13. (Untitled) - (hidden track)