American Highlander - The Rogues

American Highlander - The Rogues


Scottish Celtic band with bagpipes, percussion and a little rock and roll. Not only is founding member Randy Wothke an award-winning song writer, but the band consists of musicians with a combined total of no fewer than seven gold medals from the World Pipe Band Championships held in Scotland each year. 
With a broadening of their sound to include original rock songs (The Simpleton’s Lament), film soundtrack-ready music (Waterfall), and Irish-based foot-stompers (Rights of Man), the Rogues are proving they have the creativity and the drive to conquer the combined worlds of Celtic, Rock, Folk, Pop, and Classical music.

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Track List:

1  Steam Train                                            3:23

2  Aidan's Hornpipe                                  3:09

3  American Highlander                            4:21

4  153 (The Simpleton's Lament)              3:20

5  The Waterfall                                         4:30

6  Don't Look Down                                  2:45

7  The Rights of Man                                 3:30

8  Jimmy's Reel Set                                   4:19

9  Celtic Goulash                                       2:49

10  Centerfold                                            3:40