Pipe Works - Jimmy Young

Pipe Works - Jimmy Young

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A great mix of old and new tunes using Northumbrian, Border and Scottish Smallpipes with a variety of other instruments. Other artists & instruments include:
Ron Shaw (cello), Fergus MacKenzie (djembe, shakers), Iain MacDonald (Scottish smallpipes), Iain MacInnes (Border pipes), Chic MacAulay & Jon Hooker (guitar), Iain MacLeod (ten-string mandolin), John Martin (fiddle), Davy Stuart (viola, hurdy gurdy, mandola), James Wilkinson(fretless bass), James MacKintosh (bongos), Denny Stanway & Billy Ross (vocals)

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Track List:

1. The Warrior's Reel
2. Sir William Hardie's Waltzurka
3. Full Rigged
4. Exodus
5. Pacific Crossing
6. The Arrival
7. End Of The Rainbow
8. Who Knows
9. Last Hoe-down At The Tron
10. The Braes The Braes! 
11. Denny's Air.