Bruhuhaho - MacCumba - 2 CD Set

Bruhuhaho - MacCumba - 2 CD Set

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Even more exciting than 1st CD. Scottish melodies on bagpipes with Brazilian and Caribbean rhythms on drums and percussion! MacUmba produces a very exciting sound which has thrilled audiences in many parts of the world. "Stuff that will set the blood alight"!

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Track List:

1) Glenmalambo

2) Gale Warning

3) Asa Branca

4) Gordon's

5) Springtime Cha Cha

6) Brenda's

7) Jamie's Requests: Damp Carpet ll - Woman of the House - The Flowers of Redhill

8) Dinky's: Jenny's Chickens - Chicago Reel - Wet Little Rhys - Bonnie Maid O'Fyvie

9) Mildew Mayhem

10) Steam Train to Mallaig