Used Items for Sale:

Need to buy or looking to sell your used Scottish items? 

This is a free service we offer our customers. All we ask is that you notify us when the items have sold, so we can remove. Just send us your posting as you would like it to appear. 

Be sure to include price (specify if other than US funds), description, size, condition, and how you would like people to contact you (email, phone, both). 

Please notify Highland X Press if you should find any of these items are no longer available.


Last Update:  2/18/17


Sellers, please beware of scam emails/buyers from foreign countries.
If you are uncertain, email us for advice.

Used Items Categories & Links:

Kilts & Kilted Skirts

Kilt Hose

Vests, Jackets & Blouses

Complete Costumes

Hornpipe Outfit & Accessories

Jig Outfit & Accessories