Advanced Highland Technique Volumes 1 & 2 Set

Advanced Highland Technique Volumes 1 & 2 Set


by Deryck and Gareth Mitchelson

Volume 1 focuses on the 4 main Highland Dances (Fling, Swords, ST, Reel)
Dances are broken down step-by-step and then movement-by-movement with the dancers demonstrating ‘good technique’ accompanied by a technical commentary. Steps and movements are demonstrated by Gemma Baillie and 2004 Junior World Champion Rachel McLean. 

Volume 2 is the companion to DVD 1 and contains detailed demonstrations of the steps & movements not included in DVD 1 to provide a comprehensive visual library of nearly all of the technique used in Highland competition today. Steps and movements are expertly demonstrated by Deryck, Gareth & Gemma Baillie together with World Champions Rachel McLean & Tony Cargill

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