Scottish Fire - Bonnie Rideout

Scottish Fire - Bonnie Rideout


Winner of three U.S. Scottish fiddle championships. The twelve airs, Strathspeys, Jigs and Reels on this release have a vibrant spirit sure to move everyone. Accompanied by some of the world's most talented pipers, guitarists, percussionists and artists.

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Track List:

1. The Brown-Haired Daughter/Grant's Rant/Innes of Sandsides'/Stuart's Rant/The Gentle Milkmaid
2. The Champion of the Seas/Over the Isles to America/Pop Goes the Weasel/Rossie Castle
3. Oh Onochie O
4. Grace Hay's Delight/Dunkeld House/Mrs. McGee's Reel
5. The Highlands of Scotland/The Lowlands of Scotland/Kelo House/Miss Clementina Stewart
6. Lude's Lament
7. The Brown-Haired Lad/O My Boatman
8. Tibby Fouller O' the Glen/The Lonach Highland Fling/Miss Shepherd/Dr. Gordon Stables' Reel
9. Brose and Butter/Cuzle Together/Elsie Marly
10. What the Devil Ails You!/Loch Ness
11. The 156th Brigade at the Battle of Romani
12. Purser's Air/Fishing Off Eilean Na H'airde/Drinan Jig