Down The Hall - The Occaisionals

Down The Hall - The Occaisionals


21 tracks (72 mins): The Occasionals are widely regarded as one of the foremost Ceilidh dance bands with Freeland Barbour (accordion, midi-bass, piano, whistle, clavinet, harpsichord), Ian Hardie (fiddle, Scottish smallpipes), Kevin MacLeod (electric tenor banjo, resonator, tenor guitars, bouzouki, mandolins) and Gus Miller (drums) who steer the dancers' feet around the dance floor with these new Scottish dances selections.

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Track List:

1. The Britannia Two-Step (Waldoboro, Spin n' Glow)
2. La Russe (La Russe, Winster Gallop, Nancy, The Herd on The Hill)
3. Wilma's Waltz or The Hesitation Waltz (Reedy Lagoon, My Father was a Dutchman, Mudgee Waltz, Stringybank Tree)
4. The Canadian Barn Dance (The Balmoral Highlanders, Mrs H L Macdonald of Dunach)
5. The Gay Gordons or Call of The Pipes (Lord Lovat's Lament, The Barren Rocks of Aden)
6. The Palais Glide (Happy Valley)
7. The Viennese Swing (Frank and Anne Martin's Golden Wedding)
8. The Eva Three Step (Old Adam, The 1st and 8th Argylls at Ferrara)
9. The Dinky One Step or The Canadian Three Step (Lily Russell)
10. Fiona's Polka or The Jackie Ta Two Step (Liberton Pipe Band)
11. Waltz of the Bells or The Killarney Waltz (Cavan Girl, The Flower of Sweet Strabane, Ballinrobe, Where the Three Countries Meet)
12. The Marine Four Step or The Military Two Step (The Penicuik Ceilidh Club)
13. The Millenium March or Edinburgh Mixture (Flett from Flotta, The Meeting of the Waters)
14. Pride of Erin Waltz or The Victoria Waltz (Shoe The Donkey, Tender and True, The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door)
15. Postie's Jig or Strip The Willow (Peter's Peerie Boat, There Cam' A Young Man, Middling Thankyou, The Wildcat Jig)
16. The Highland Schottische (The Drampire, Glencoe)
17. St Bernards Waltz (The Agnes Waltz)
18. Progressive Gay Gordons (Gardybelaten)
19. The Russian Ballet (George Johnston, The Dodburn)
20. La Rosa or The Southern Rose Waltz (Ladies of Spain, Mary of Castlecary, Jenny Jones)
21. Shiftin' Bobbins or The Dashing White Sergeant (Shiftin' Bobbins, Bog Cotton, Columba's Sword, The Girl I Left Behind)